Empire in the sky Alpha Demo released!

Lost Astronaut has just released the Alpha Demo, Empire in the Sky. This game is a 2.5D Space RPG  set in a Retro-ish cartoon style 1960s-80s. A lot of the story line and data is modeled after real life so most likely you will be learning a thing or two! You can travel this game in style  since your spacecraft is fully customizable. You can choose to fight or befriend alien civilizations while you explore this wonderful generated world full of planets, planetary bases, towns, cities and starbases.  Besides exploring these places you can even build your own  starbases and planetary bases that can be enhanced with spacecraft parts.

In this free demo:

-Platform stability on Windows 2 and 4 core systems
-100 star systems to explore across 2 sectors
-300 alien civilizations
-Endless combat
-Endless building

Here are the requirements in order to install the game onto your PC:
-More than 2GB RAM
-Fairly recent video card (NVIDIA / ATI)
-OpenAL-compatible sound
-At least 4GB hard drive space

You can click here to install the game!