Epigenesis: So Far

Lets begin with this game seems like a lot of fun. Its a creative idea. The game is multiplayer only. The game is 2 teams start on opposite sides of a field. Its like GrifBall from Halo: only thing is there are platforms that you have to jump on to get to the enemy goal where you have to throw the ball in for one point. The ball spawns in the middle of the field.

You only have two weapons; first weapon you start with is a Auto-Laser Rifle that has infinite bullets. The second weapon is a single shot rifle that’s more accurate than the auto rifle and also has infinite bullets. You have two jump tokens that you can use on a platform or in mid-air. You gain points as you hit a platform but if you use both jump tokens in mid-air; well lets hope there is a platform close to you.

The weapons don’t kill they just push. You can use this to push enemies off the platforms or launch teammates in the air to get the ball faster. This game is in alpha so there are some things that need fixing but graphics are amazing, Audio makes the game come alive, and….they want ten bucks for the alpha…. This made me so mad because well why would you want money for an alpha??? Because it cost money for the alpha there are such a small number of people playing the game it makes the game not fun at all.

You should never make players have to pay for an alpha so the game has a lot of people playing it so when the real game is released you have more people buying the game. There is really no reason they should make people buy an alpha. As of now the game kind of disappointed me but some things in the game are really cool. I cant wait to see the changes they make for the game and hope all the changes they do make are the right ones.