Erie-Just in time for Halloween

Erie Game Trailer from Matt Anderson on Vimeo.

Entertainment’s Arts and Engineering Master Game Studio have released their scary indie game Erie.  Erie is a survival-Horror game that has already been crowned #1 game on Desura and has been reviewed on Youtube by famous Youtubers such as PewDiePie. Int he 1st 2 day alone 11,500 people started to play the game.

In the game Erie players are dropped into a dark and terrifying  sewer complex beneath Michigan town in  1960. players are trapped  and being hunted . Players must gather clues, collect dead cats, use spray pain to mark their trail and no matter what…. don’t look behind you!

Here is  a video of PewDiePie playing Erie! Part 1!

Erie is free and can be downloaded on Desura-

For more information on the game you can go to the official website