Evee Build a bear?!

Build a bear recently released the news that Evee will be a new addition to Build-A-Bear. The online exclusive Evee Set is currently out of stock online(unfortunately) but will be in stores on Thursday September 1st! The online exclusive set includes:

  • Evee(of course)
  • an Evee Cape
  • Pokeball Sleeper
  • Evee 5-in-1 Sound
  • A Build a bear workshop exclusive Pokemon TCG Card!


The whole set costs 62$ before taxes. Evee is going to be in high demands so make sure you call your local Build a Bear and get onto that reserve list! Evee is the 2nd Pokemon that has been added to Build-A-Bear. The 1st being Pikachu (with a Charazard hoodie for it’s online  exclusive which is still available!).