Evil Robot Coming to iOS

Newbie developer Nikki Ussery is proud to announce that Evil Robot was added to the iOS App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Evil Robot combines retro pixel Gameboy style graphics with accurate and precise touch controls that anyone can pick up and play. This exciting new puzzle adventure game has a cute design and fashionable throw-back feel with the design.

The game begins with the Evil Robot holding your girlfriend hostage in the grasp of his gigantic hand. Our hero has to rescue her by avoiding the falling blocks and defeating the Evil Robot. Players take control of the on-screen button and must help guide him left, right and jumping around pushing and stacking falling blocks together.

Easy to learn and intuitive to play, Evil Robot is hard to put down. This truly is addictive game play.

100 lines of action, collect coins, extra life bonus, custom sound track, pixel graphics, local high-score