Evo 2016 Top 5 BEST Moments

IMPORTANT: As usual, these kinds of lists are opinion heavy. Everyone will have different moments that they liked the best. These are mine 🙂 Every evo is amazing and every moment is amazing but I cant make a top thousand so here you go MY top 5 best EVO 2016 Moments! Enjoy and don’t get salty! 😉

#5: Moment of Silence

THE BEAST Versus THE DEATH STARE! Two of the best players in the world ran into one another very early in the bracket and they felt the need to give a moment of silence.

#4: The Hats Come Off

It’s been a very very very long time since we’ve seen this. Sonic Fox taking his famous furry hat that he’s so known for off during MKX Grand Finals at Evo 2016!

#3: Representing The US of A

We thought there was no hope for the USA to make it to top 16 let alone top 8 but LI Joe surprising everyone and defeating Kazunoko; putting himself into top 8 at Evo 2016 and celebrating with friends on stage.

#2: Emotions in the face of defeat

Chris G has always been a powerhouse in UMVC3 and we see him at the brink of defeat and unsure he can go on any longer. Absolutely love watching this man in the FGC and cant wait to see more from him!

#1: Timed Out

When people saw Arturo vs Momochi they were certain it was going to be a brutal beating by Momochi but Arturo surprises everyone including himself when he times Momochip out using Dhalsim’s V-trigger.