Fable III announcement (updated with pics and video)

That’s right, Peter Molyneux has just announced it during Microsoft’s GamesCom presser.

The game will pit you in the roll of your offspring from fable 2, you will not be one of many heroes, you will be a ruler. Players will rise to power, gain followers, make promises and lead a rebellion against tyranny, but it wont end there as they will have to maintain a working kingdom and economy and people wont forget the promises you made them, you will have to decide which ones you can keep. What kind of ruler you become will impact the land.

One new gameplay mechanic is introduced “Judgments”, situations will arise during your rule and you will have to pass judgment on the cases, you can investigate or make instant judgments. Some will be law other will be moral, again, you will shape your world with every action. Everything from stolen bread to wars will be yours to lord over.

Another mechanic is introduced, “Touch”. Games have long left us unable to touch others, in fable 3 players will be able to shake hands, embrace loved ones and ………… well you get the picture. No more pressing a simple button to save NPCs, now with the touch mechanism you can offer them that comfort and reassurance to trust you and let you help them.

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Thanks to Kelly “Keza” Macdonald and and Patlike of VG247 for the great live blog since we couldn’t make it.

and mister shaky cam