Face it Tigger, you hit the jackpot


This morning, or afternoon I should say. I woke up with a billion an a half posts on my facebook, and a trillion messages on my phone with people asking me about the buyout of Marvel Comics by Disney. I was just as stunned as everyone else, that Marvel would be bought out for 4 billion dollars. However I am actually very happy that Marvel has been bought out.

There are a number of reasons to express my happiness to the shifting of power. For the past 9 years Marvel has been run by Joe Quesada, at first he was good for the company and managed to get reader interest back, got Marvel out of bankruptcy and made it a thriving company again. However in recent years Quesada has transformed Marvel into his own personal plaything. Too much of his own personal views have been inserting into Marvel’s titles, such as no smoking, and magically unmarrying Spider-Man (For more on this rant go visit http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=32765429110) . I am trying to be hopeful here and wish upon a star (no pun intended) that Disney will wise up and remove Joe Quesada from the seat of power. Disney is a giant conglomerate; they care about money almost as much as Quesada does. However, when Disney sees that Marvel’s profits and comic sales have fallen through the years the guy in the seat of power will be the one to get the blame. Hopefully they get someone qualified to do it this time. Although there is always the cause for concern because there might be someone worse doing the job, but all I want is to see Joe Quesada suffer for ruining Spider-Man.

So what is going to happen to all those Marvel movies that I’m looking forward to? I looked into it and Disney has no plans to change anything that’s already been set. They aren’t going to overtake power from Paramount, they are going to respect the deals that they have made, and Disney will just overlook the future of everything. As for the animation, I doubt anything will change there. Disney XD shows reruns of just about every Marvel cartoon, and hosts new episodes of the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon. But what about the Marvel stuff at universal studios? I can’t exactly say for sure what’s going to happen there, (then again its been there 11 years and I still haven’t gone and seen it). No doubt there will be some kind of franchise fighting, whether Universal gets to have their Spider-Man ride, or if Disney wants to build one, then Sony will come in saying we own the movie right. I don’t understand half of all that legal garbage so I’ll just let it play out for itself.

Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t the first time that Marvel has been owned by another company. Hell, back in the late 50s and early 60s Marvel was actually owned by DC, and DC would only let them put out 10 titles a month. Eventually DC let go of Marvel and they quickly grew into their greatest competition. Back in the 1980s Marvel was owned by Revlon (I don’t see the connection either), but I think Marvel being an entertainment company would benefit more from being owned by another entertainment company rather than a cosmetics company.

I know that I may not have convinced some of you yet, so I will tell you about another comic company bought out by another bigger entertainment company. DC Comics doesn’t exist, and has not existed since 1992. In 1992 DC Comics was bought out by Warner Brothers and has only benefited from that buyout. Warner Brothers helped to franchise DC properties, made successful TV shows, movies (disregard the mid-90s Batman films), and made DC just better overall. But DC comics, does not exist, it is simply an extension of Warner Brothers like Time, or Mad Magazine. Parent companies look out for their lower extensions make certain that they perform well. But honestly, when I was a kid I had always hoped that Marvel and Disney would pair up against DC and WB so that it would be a fair fight. Sadly I’ve branched out and I am not the huge Marvel Fanboy that I once was (thanks for showing me the light Mr. Quesada).

The buyout of Marvel Comics by Disney is a good thing. So relax, nothing bad has happened yet and I have no right to complain yet. Marvel has made many mistakes in the past few years and its time that a new direction is made from some higher authority. We all know that Disney has a record for being corrupt, and racist, and anti-Semitic, but we can all agree its better to deal with that than Red Hulk or Brand New Day Spider-Man, or Skrulls. I look forward to the future of Disney/Marvel; I just hope that they don’t make any unnecessary crossovers. Hmm, well then again Jack Sparrow and Deadpool might not be too bad, or Luke Cage and the Song of the South guy…

– Matt Dunford (Your comic book guy)