Fallen Earth!

Reload Productions announced that for their popular free-2-play MMO Fallen Earth’s 3rd Anniversary they would be releasing the 2.5 updated with  some G.O.R.E.!

 Key Features Include: 

  • G.O.R.E (GlobalTech Ordinance of Rapid Extermination)  weapon plans have been leaked! 6 fractions are scrambling to have the deadly designs assembled first. These weapons will give players an edge granted they find them early!
  • Three new G.O.R.E created to meet the needs of diverse set of combat situations, schematics outline three models built off of newly discovered tech: The Bastard (Pistol), The Jackal (Rifle), and The Lunatic (Melee). Only the base schematics are available but they can each be upgraded 2 times!
  • Launch event!-Outsiders have been moving suspicious caravans through the canyon, rumored to contain both prototypes G.O.R.E. weapons and the supplies to construct them. LifeNet Technicians in capital cities will be urging clones to help discover the locations of the stashed crates, and to bring back anything they find. Successfully completing the mission grants a unique item reward, and participants will get their choice of G.O.R.E schematics.
Fallen earth is a Free-2-Play MMO set in a post-apocalyptic world near the grand Canyon in 2156. This game is a hybrid third-person shooter and a Hardcore  role-playing game that features real-time twitch based combat!
To get started on this game or to find out more go to www.fallenearth.com!