Fan Made Webisodes: Better Than Hollywood

If you take the time to search on Youtube you will discover that there a ton of extremely well made fan movies or shorts that bring our favorite video games to life. With so many attempts to try and bring video games on the big screen it brings up the question why can’t they seem to get it right. A lot of it has to do with the fact that Hollywood really only wants to make as much money from a movie that they possibly can. This means that a lot of movies are made to try and please as many people as possible instead of simply being made for fans of that niche group. A great example of this is the PG-13 rated The Punisher which stared Thomas James as The Punisher(also played him in the short above), instead of staying true to what The Punisher is it was watered down.

Hopefully as popularity of the fan made movies grows Hollywood will begin to see the potential of truly trying to appeal to fans that love the game or comic for what it is about. The Youtube comments on many of these great made fan shorts all praise them and say that they would pay to see a full version in the theaters at a heart beat. For now keep an eye out on Youtube and Kickstarter to make sure that these great projects get to see the light of day.