Community Event Pics


Last night’s event was awesome, we had a blast with everyone, we want to thank everyone for joining us we started the night with a little Fire Fight splitting up and taking group with us then we jumped into some good old mulitplayer big team battle. We then split into two teams and got the action going, our OWR  friends were leading the other group  which we want to give them a shout out for joining the event. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get everyone into the games we each maxed out at 100 friend so 7 x 100 = alot of people wanting to play so those of you we missed we’ll try to get you next week in our next scheduled event, we tried our best to cycle through as many players as we were able to thanks again to everyone and we hope to see you next weekend check back in the next coming days for more info.


Few pics from a FireFight Match