FanboyGaming’s Fanboys in Gaming


We’ve all been there. In fights over which consoles are better, which game exclusives are better, which graphics are better, which gameplay is better, and downright even to the small details of which looks cooler, fanboys are everywhere, and for better or for worse, they are here to stay.

Even with the new consoles coming out, there are fanboys of all kinds, some siding with Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft, and some welcoming new players into the race like OUYA, fanboys have stood valiantly by the side of whatever they believe in.

Sometimes, fanboys can be a bit much, promoting whatever they believe in over your belief in utter disregard of anything you might say to counter their argument, they might say “It’s my way or the highway.” However, fanboys aren’t always something so bad, they’re the ones that companies need to be addressing, they’re the ones who make the game what it is.Fanboys entice companies to create higher standards for their games, or else they leave as a result. Fanboys create a standard for a game, and tell a company what’s worth playing/buying, and what isn’t. Should they not live up to that standard, the group of supporters drop, and game developers lose money.

So whatever your game, whatever you play, you’re always entitled to be a fanboy, because there is never anything wrong with playing a game that you love. So shout out to all you CoD, Battlefield, Gears, MvC3, League, Halo, or Uncharted players out there, because you’re the fans that make games what they are today.