Fanboygaming’s Review on HYBRID

I had the oppurtunity to play and review 5th Cells newest title HYBRID and if I can describe this game in one word, I would easily use the word ADDICTING. I briefly played this game at the Microsoft VIP  party at this years Comic-Con and while I only played it for a few minutes I didn’t  really get to fully experience this game since my focus was more on grabbing that seat to play Gears of War: Judgement. But when the game code was given to me to review I put all my focus and energy into figuring out what this game all about. I first want to start off by telling you guys the plot of this game:


The game puts you right into the pinnacle of a world war taking place in the year 2031, This war began when an asteroid hit Earth and killed billions. When that asteroid hit it also released a horde of alien bacterium into the atmosphere and in a short amount of time after being released they all jumped onto half human population and turning them into a new race called the Variant. So with this new race on Earth they raged war against the the population who was immune to the alien parasites who are called the Paladin in a fight over world domination.

*Variant (red),  Paladin (blue)


So now that you know the plot you know what you have to do. At first I thought this was a shooter game where there is a campaign and an online multiplayer option, thats usually the norm when it comes to making a game in the shooting genre. HYBRID is massively different, only because the capaign IS the online multiplayer. Yes thats right your put into a war going up against other actual people! Now ill admit at first I wasn’t too excited about that because I would’ve loved to see a story mode with cutscenes and stuff like that since the plot sounded so solid but after awhile you accept the idea and focus on claiming territories. When you begin entering this war you are given the choice of which race you want to be: the genetically altered Variants or the last of the human population Paladins. My choice was decided on who looked cooler so I went with the variants. Once you choose your side you now see the entire worlds covered in red and blue because as your reading this article the war is still going on and each state is being fought for ownership between the two races.

So now when you choose whatever part of the world you want to start on( I chose South Africa) then what you see is your side and the opposing teams side all trying to fight for the ceter of the area where there is a purplis-black orb (Dark Matter) and first one to reach that orb claims the state, Dark Matter the a essential fuel source that is needed to win the war in that state to reaching and claiming the Dark Matter is key. In order to get this orb you have to fight for it, going up against the other race who chose the same area as you did. There are plenty of different match types the most common ones being Team Deathmatch and King of the Hill and upon choosing the type of match you want you are given a list of BONUS objectives that will give you extra experience if completed in your match, there are some easy bonus objective that will require you to get 3 kills, and then there are harder ones that will offer ALOT of experience such as getting the  supremacy medal which is going on a 10-kill streak. The overall objective to get alot of experience points, the more EXP you get the closer to the Dark Matter you get and plus this games does have the leveling up mechanic so the higher the level the better weapons and abilities you will unlock.


At the beginning of the game you go through the tutorial where they teach you the basics in firing, taking cover, movement, learning about abilities, and the commands to summon drones.  these are the essentials in winning a match. When I first started playing this game I thought the movements were simple but when it cam to actually using them in a match I was dead wrong. The moving mechanics do take some getting used to. The sensitivity is very high and you do not have the option to change it. I did not like the camera movment because it was way to fast and the hard aim movement was too  slow. But after awhile couple of hours of playing you surprisingly get used to it and you learn some trick that helps you decide the best way to shoot and kill the enemy. before you begin your match you decide how you want your load-out to be, there are a lot of different weapons in this game such as Assault rifles, shotguns, snipers and more, each with there own stats and then you choose your ability, which is a special move that you can do like throwing frag grenades, healing you and your teammate, and even self destructing to kills all enemies around you, and finally you choose your special trait which is something that will be attached with you throughout the match like a 10% increase in weapon damage, 10& health boost, or gain 15% more EXP points. After a long time time of mixing and matching up different combinations load outs I found the perfect one for me so far my load out is the ridiculously powerful double barrel shotgun which is a one shot one kill weapon, self destruct ability which is awesome to get an easy double or triple kills simply by kamikazing yourself when you reach a group of enemies, and the shield boost so that I survive most frag explosions.  One of the mechanics I really enjoyed was the drone summoning, you can summon robot drones to assist you in a match depending on your kill streak. There are 3 different type of drones, the low tier drone is the Stalker which follows you around providing additional fire and when you are killed they wonder around the map alone firing on enemies, the mid-tier drone is the Warbringer which is a bigger aerial drone that flies towards the enemy and does massive damage with it turret gun attachment, and finally the high-tier drone is called the Preylon which is a very quick human like drone that flies towards a random enemy on the map and assassinates them with her sword, there is no escaping her when she has her sights on you and you know she is coming after you because no matter how far you are you will here her battle shriek.

* Preylon, Stalker, Warbringer

I have been playing this game for sometime now and its hard to get used to and you will get frustrated on the camera movement and how fast everything is going, but one you get used to learning the do’s and don’ts of this game its just like I said before, it is ADDICTING. You dont want to turn off your console because you don’t know what will happen to the state your were fighting for and you hope that the tug-o-war battle didn’t change too much when you jump back into it. I had a lot of fun playing this game and I will continue playing it. I would say that this game definitely needed a better tutorial because even though it taught me the movements I still had no idea where the armory was to upgrade my weapons and abilities or the objective of certain match types, I just had to figure it all out along the way. Overall I definitely recommend all you gamers to try this game out, the DEMO is free to download via Xbox LIVE ARCADE and the game itself is 12oo MP try it out but remember to give it some time to fully learn everything about the mechanics of the game before you decide on liking it or not. I give this game an 8 outta 10



RATE: T for Teen

RELEASE DATE: 8/8/2012 via Xbox LIVE ARCADE for 1200 MP

GENRE: 3rd person shooter, strategy

Here are some screenshots to this great game and the trailer as well: