FBG Music: Chiptune Is Now “Gas Powered” By Kubbi

After 6 weeks of composing, producing, and procrastrinating, Kubbi and his friend Jonas Dam finally finished the new Kubbi EP: “Gas Powered” a couple of weeks ago.

This 4-track EP is inspired by the TV show “Adventure Time” and the web cartoon “Bravest Warriors” created by Pendleton Ward on Cartoon Hangover. Gas Powered blends the typical Kubbi chiptune/electronic style with heavy guitar riffs and the beautiful touch of acoustic guitars.

Gas Powered EP reached #9 best selling albums on Bandcamp last week. You can give it a chance and listen to Kubi’s latest EP above.

Who is that Cubby, Coobie… Kubbi..?


Vegard “Kubbi” Kummen is a 19-year-old composer and producer, based in west Norway. He is known for making traditional chipmusic with catchy melodic phrases and bouncy beats, then blending them with real instruments and modern synthesizers to make the forceful, yet nostalgic sound that can place anyone in nerd paradise.

The last 2 years Kubbi released 5 full length albums taking you through a chiptune odyssey. Tons of genres, dreamy atmospheres, tailshaking grooves and catchy melodies.

You can listen to more of Kubbi on BandCamp:


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