FBG Music: Launching Pizza to Space! | Anamanaguchi’s New Video

A couple of days ago a new video for “Endless Fantasy“, the second single for the latest album by the chiptune-punk band Anamanaguchi, was released thanks to the Kickstarter supporters.

Literally the first thing we did with your funding was send a slice of NYC pizza to outer space“ the band wrote in an update.

The band basically built this apparatus that had a GoPro camera, heating stuff to keep the batteries alive as it was going into the atmosphere with a Styrofoam box lined with aluminum. Unfortunately, while it makes for an awesome video, the video shooting almost got them in some trouble. After filming the slice’s voyage, bass player James DeVito received an email from an environmental medicine professor at NYU, who learned about the “prank” after the package landed in a family’s backyard on its way back down to earth.

“We find out that it descended via parachute into the backyard of this family’s house while their kids were playing in the backyard, and they called the police to have the bomb squad come and detonate the box, understandably — it’s a pretty weird thing. Oh yeah, by the way, the whole time the box is playing our album, from an iPod shuffle, on a little speaker.” DeVito tells Grantland.

You can watch the video above. Ohhh, and you can stream the whole album on YouTube anytime you want!

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