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For those of you who delight in the sounds of chip-tunes and 8-bit computer music, Monodeer is a chiptune artist from Den Bosch. This Dutch city has a history of thriving underground musical subcultures within such as tekno, techno, acid and 8-bit oriented music.

With the release of his first EP on PXL-Bot called “NOISE.BMP”, Mark lastly stepped into the realm of dubstep rhythms combined with dark clouds of bass. His use of pan and reverb-effects to create spatial arrangements in the sometimes flat 8-bit spectrum can be perceived as most impressive. Early this year his lastest EP, “GLITCH POP”, was released. Tracks like Lost Chords and Doomcloud explore the edges of the 8-bit spectrum and make you forget all about the Nintendo associations you might still have at that point.

Monodeer’s own brand of dark, noisy, lo-fi mastery will get you moving to the sounds of deep chip-bass and melodic hooks. Minimal means. And you can give a chance to Monodeer’s last album by hitting the play button below or download the freebie HERE!

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