FBG Music: NEStalgia | Dr. Mario – “Fever”

Remember an old video game called Dr. Mario for the NES? No? Well, Dr. Mario’s theme song “Fever” is today’s FBG Music: NEStalgia.

If you haven’t played Dr. Mario -you’re probably too too young and make me feel so so old-, it’s an arcade-style puzzle video game starring Mario, yes the plumber, but now as a doctor, released on July 27, 1990. In this video game Dr. Mario throws vitamins that the player must align to destroy the viruses that populate the playing field.

Dr. Mario is recognized by its addictive gameplay and the three catchy tunes composed by Masaaki Iwasaki. “Fever” is now a classic MIDI fanfare that pushed video game music in new direction.

This tune is so amaizing, it should be played in every hospital operating room during serious operations.