FBG Music: Top 10 Video Game Theme Songs

Music has always been a main part of the videogame experience. Music can set the mood, evoke emotion and thought, complement the visual, narrative, and even the interactive components of a game.

Tons of musical pieces have been featured in gaming titles from the days of 8-bit graphics to present day, but only a few have stood the test of time. Today we’re going to rank the Top 10 Video Game Theme Songs that will probably get stuck inside your head.



Nobuo Uematsu is one of the greatest composers of all the time. Whatever your feelings are towards Final Fantasy saga, you can’t deny that the composition of the Victory Fanfare is arranged beautifully and has that sense of success after beating anything from an entry level Shinra Soldier to Ruby Weapon itself.



Composer Nobuo Uematsu does an amazing job of creating a sense of atmosphere for every moment in video games, and when Super Smash Bros. Brawl Main Theme starts playing you know that you are in for an epic battle.




Harry Gregson-Williams has composed every Metal Gear Solid’s theme to date, and that’s saying something. There are many potential songs in the series, but only Metal Gear Solid 2’s theme really deserved to be among the ten. Three games later people still consider this song to be the best one of them all. A badass theme for a badass franchise.



Everytime we hear this song we’re convinced colorful bricks will start falling from the sky. Most of you probably never knew that the most famous song in Tetris is actually a 19th century Russian folk song. Regardless, Tetris remains one of the most played games on a handheld system to date, and Korobeiniki will always be attached to the game as its theme.



Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton had to be included, with its memorable and funny lyrics and its catchy folk beat. Also, the fact that the song was sung by the game’s antagonist GLaDOS, just makes the song that much funnier. You have to admit that you didn’t skip Portal‘s credits, so you could hear the song and secretly sing along too.



Most sports titles have little more than an anthem and a couple of fanfare jingles, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!, however, had full blown awesome songs composed by Kenji Yamamoto that will never be forgotten. Not to mention the segment from Bicycle Training inspired  an internet “meme” . The truth is that this song really gets you motivated to give that extra percent while exercising.



The Halo Main Theme is the one that stands above the others in the saga.  This song contains just the right mixture of epic chords and changes to send shivers down the spines of gamers. Believe it or not, O’Donnell’s first piece of music was written and recorded in just three days.



Techno Syndrome  makes you want to  kick some ass, dance a little, and then kick some more ass. Fun fact: The majority of the Mortal Kombat theme was actually stolen from a Eurobeat song by 2 Unlimited, called “Twilight Zone.” The song was then remixed by The Immortals, a Belgian electronic band. They added in arcade sound effects , voice-overs and an infamous synthesizer melody. True or not, we have to admit, this song  is pretty catchy.



Instantly recognizable. The Legend of Zelda Overworld Theme,  created by Koji Kondo, is one of the most beloved theme songs of all the time, it has survived the age. This memorable march wraps itself around your heart and fills you with the thirst for some adventure. If it weren’t for the popularity of the #1 song, this song would definitely be first. We could listen this song for hours.



Super Mario Bros. Main Theme, also composed by Koji Kondo tops off the list. This song is one of the most recognizable theme songs, but it’s also the most popular. The Mario theme song can be hummed on a whim without much thought, that’s when you know you have a timeless hit. Everyone has a soft spot in their heart for this song and probably be reminded of it with as little as 3 notes.


-FBG Staff Picks-

1. “I don’t Want to Set the World On Fire” (Fallout 3) by The Ink Spots
2. “Multiplayer Main Menu Theme” (Call of Duty: Black Ops) by Jack Wall
3. “Level Start” (Megaman 2) by Manami Matsumae

1. “Halo Main Theme” by  Marty O’Donnell
2. “Opening” (Pokémon) by Junichi Masuda
3. “Super Mario 3 Main Theme” by Koji Kondo

1. “Honest Eyes” (Street Fighter X Tekken) by Black Tide
2. “Kratos Theme” (God Of War series) by Tyler Bates
3. “I Stand Alone” (Prince Of Persia) by Godsmack

1. “Water Theme” (Super Mario 64) by Koji Kondo
2. “Bramble Blast” (Donkey Kong Country 2) by Dave Wise
3. “Balrog’s Theme” (Street Fighter II) by Yoko Shimomura

1. “Gears of War Main Theme” by Kevin Riepl
2. “End Game Credits Theme Song” (Dead Space 2) by Jason Graves
3. “The Ocean on His Shoulders” (Bioshock) by Garry Schyman

1. “Luigi’s Mansion Main Theme” by Kazumi Totaka
2. “The Ocean on His Shoulders” (Bioshock) by Garry Schyman
3. “Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Main Theme” by Kenji Yamamoto

Andy Weckmann
1. “Overworld Theme” (Super Mario Land) by Hirokazu Tanaka
2. “Skanky Panky” (BattleBlock Theater) by Kid Koala
3. “BattleBlock Theater Main Theme” by Patric Catani

Michelle (Myself)
1. “I don’t Want to Set the World On Fire” (Fallout 3) by The Ink Spots
2. “Promise/Reprise” (Silent Hill 2) by Akira Yamaoka
3. “Birthday Cake” (Jet Set Radio Future) by Cibo Matto


Did we miss any? What’s your favorite video game theme song?
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