FDG Entertainment: Across Age 2 for iOS is coming this Winter 2013/2014 first gameplay trailer released

FDG Entertainment and Japanese Developer Exe Create are happy to announce Across Age 2 coming this Winter to iOS. Fans of 2D Pixel Retro RPGs rejoice!

Across Age 2 is the sequel to the highly popular and first ever Japanese Action RPG that has been originally released on the App Store in January 2010.

Across Age 2 features 20 hours of exciting gameplay including environmental puzzles, 4 playable characters, diversified action, spells, boss monsters and a huge world to explore.

About FDG Entertainment :

FDG Entertainment is a leading producer and publisher of highly creative Indie download games for major platforms including the iOS App Store. FDG Entertainment is based in Munich, Germany and has topped 50 Million Downloads on iOS alone. FDG won numerous awards like the International Mobile Games Award (IMGA 2010) in Barcelona for the Best Mobile Game 2010 with Beyond Ynth. Among other well known titles are the million selling Clear Vision 17+, Banana Kong, Cover Orange, Blueprint 3D and Across Age with many more awesome titles in the works. FDG Entertainment is privately funded and 100% independent.