Fight Night Champion Review

Fight Night Champion, the fifth in the series, has done something I didn’t think it could, witch is to up the anti when you enter the ring. As soon as you step into the ring you can see and hear the difference from previous Fight Night tittles. Once you swing your first punch and it comes in contact with your opponent you see the impact of the punch, gameplay can be improved with a few tweaks to give you better control over your execution.

This entry to the fight night series has revamped the endurance, conditioning and damage system. The way you play the game has also been reworked alongside with the online play. Highly talked about new feature is the addition of  Champion Mode, which put players in the role of a talented up and comer, Andre Bishop.  Lastly, EA Sports brought back the very popular Legacy mode where players could create their own boxers to try to win a championship belt.
Fight Night series has always been known for its amazing graphics and attention to detail. Fight Night champion is nothing short of  amazing  visually speaking, from he appearance of the boxers to the equipment they are wearing. You can really take notice of the level of detail once you land that perfect punch and you see the slo-mo replay. The much hyped about damage system is incredible. As you or your opponent take damage noticeable swelling and cuts around the eyes or nose. Blood can spray  out from the wounds when hit, and blood spatter on the boxing mat.  As blood flows from the wounds and falls it will land onto your trunks straining them. Do enough damage to your opponent’s eye, and the referee will stop the fight.

Gaming mechanics have been tweaked as well, gone is the complex analogue moves like quarter-circle moves for jabs. Every punch is now thrown by flicking the sicks on the controller in a specific direction. The tweaked punching mechanic is a great improvement, not only does it feel more accurate when flicking the sticks but the flow of the match feels faster and smoother. In the past EA have received complaints from gamers for not making the buttons ( such as A,B,Y,X ) a second option of playing the game. This time around gamers wont have the same complaint as EA has also given the option of using the buttons.Fight_Night_Champion_frost_v_andre.png

Champion Mode takes you through the rise,fall and comeback story of boxer Andre Bishop. Andre’s career is on the rise as the next big thing in boxing until trouble comes a knocking and you end up behind bars. The story is incredibly compelling fights suddenly have meaning. Every punch gets you closer to earning a gold medal at the Amateur World Championships, or stepping into the ring for your shot at the tittle.

Legacy Mode is very much like Fight Night Round 4 with the addition of an economy. You can pay to train at better facilities and fund your career with the sponsorships you earn. I have to say Legacy Mode doesn’t have the same fresh breath of air as Champion Mode.

Final Thoughts
Fight Night Champion is the one of most addictive sports titles I’ve played in quite awhile. The game has a good mix of gameplay modes to keep the replayability factor high. Story mode was the high point for me of Fight Night, you truly get the feeling of being an up and coming boxer at the of becoming champion. The only fault of the game had was how short Champion mode. Legacy mode is good but it could of been just a bit better. Overall no other boxing game can go toe to toe with the Fight Night series , Fight Night Champion is just another notch on EA’s belt.

9 out 10

Publisher: EA Games

I would like to thank EA games for letting us review Fight Night Champion