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Finally the New Yugioh Banlist is Here

It has been many months since the Yugioh TCG has seen a Banlist, but today is that day when it finally peaks its head out. Now I’m just gonna talk about some of the big cards that I think worth mentioning. First off to me there is only one newly banned card that caught my attention, and that’s vanitys emptiness. I wasn’t expecting it to get banned especial since it slows the game down a lot to make special summoning harder, but Konami didn’t want that. Well I guess with the upcoming Link Summoning mechanic, that should slows the game down as well. 

Now for limited, this had a lot of changes and I was excited to see them. First cards I’m gonna bring up is Maxx C, Rescue Cat, and Brionic. Mass c was put on here to stop players from getting huge hands while Rescue Cat was recently released because of the upcoming support the rescue animals are gonna get. Plus I believe that Rescue Cat will be reprinted with a new and altered effect to make in current with the game. Then theres Brionic, I was really surprised to see this one, because of the crazy things we will see now. I’m thinking that Brionic is just taking the place of vanities for the time being, which is fine for me. Also added to the limited list is Brain Control, Future Fusion, and Imperial Order. For Imperial Order, I believe that they already have an altered effect in process, so that way it is less broken. When I first saw the New Banlist these 2 we’re the big ones that stood out to me and made me wonder what kind of meta are we going to have now, because either one of those cards can change a duel around very fast. 

For the Semi limited and Unbanned cards the only Semi that stood out to me was Interrupted Kaiju Slumber, which was a very good card to use to help get the Kaiju field rolling. Now one of the biggest cards to bring off the Banlist is non other then Sangan. Although this card was very good in the past, I believe that it is going to have a new altered effect as well. I believe they are just adding in once per turn, instead of the unlimited reusing of its effect. I’m very happy to see Sangan back in the game, and I am very excited to try out the new unbanned cards in the current meta.