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Fire & Water Booster pack for Orcs Must die!2

Robot Entertainment announced that their 1st Booster pack for Orcs Must Die!2 will be released on August 29th. This Booster pack will feature 3 brand new levels and 3 new endless mode conversions that players can play in single player or with friends in  co-op. In addition players will run into new traps and combat new elemental enemies!

New Fire Lords and Fire elementals crumble but leave behind small firelings that will chase after players until they are close enough to explode! Water Lords and water elementals will become puddles when killed but when waterlings find dormant puddles they will absorb the water and become new water elementals!

War Mages have 3 new traps as well! Web spinners have a new wall trap that will slow down monsters! Ceiling Darts will also help to stop monsters from invading our territory but if they get past that players always have a new Floor Portal to send them away to the beginning of the level!

The Fire& Water Booster pack will be available on steam for $4.99

Orcs Must Die!2 is an action- strategy game where players along with friends get together to defend a world constantly under siege!

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