First Impressions of DragonBall Fighter Z and Gameplay

As the DragonBall Fighter Z Closed Beta went Live Saturday 2am pst I had no expectations because I haven’t played a DBZ game since DBZ Budokai 04′. So as you enter the game to set up a team of three random generated per selected characters similar to the concept of MVC(Marvel vs Capcom). DragonBall Fighter Z is set up as if you really are entering a tournament arena because in the center of the gallery the platform stands and you scroll to the massive over crowded stage to await an opponent to challenge.

As a beta it was limited of course so one of the first thing I noticed was that the combo list is not available. So as a noob you have to learn and memorize the sequences which at times became a bit much because there are  plenty of combos to keep you engaged and your opponent guard up.

My honest opinion DBFZ will mostly likely compete with the rest of the fighters in its genre and I cannot wait for the full version game to be release. Below is my first DBFZ gameplay from the closed beta. Tell me what you think in the comments below.