Folded Flyer, now with stunning graphics on iOS!

Folded Flyer most awesome flying game for iOS has been updated with gorgeous graphics and lots of improvements! Get ready to guide your own paper plane through colorful 3D environments, full of danger and bonuses to collect. Spend earned credits on upgrades and new looks for your plane to make it unique. Unleash the powerful ‘nitro speed boost’ to race your plane to the finish line. Collect additional hidden puzzle pieces on each level to unlock rewards and achievements.

Today, we at Infinity Lane Entertainment proudly announce the first update to Folded Flyer for a much better gaming experience.

1.1 Patch notes:
• Improved performance

• Improved graphics, including new lighting effects!

• Fixed startup crashes

• Better support for older iOS devices

• Many bugs fixed

• Gameplay balance tweak

s • Faster loading times

• Smaller application size

Folded Flyer has also been lowered in price down to $0.99!