For Those Who Suck at Math Try Math QuizUp


Plain Vanilla, developers of the QuizUp mobile platform, today announced the launch of Math QuizUp on Android devices. This math game was previously available only for iOS, the mobile game challenges players to quickly answer basic mathematical equations in order to move up in ranks and be crowned the top ‘mathlete’ for their country. These questions involve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, Math QuizUp is an ideal tool for students or adults who want to hone up on their mental math and with enough practice you can be known amongst your friends as THE HUMAN CALCULATOR!.

Math QuizUp allows players to compete in real-time against other people around the world, across both iOs and Android devices. Each game consists of two players going head to head for a total of ten rounds, with questions gradually becoming more challenging as they win. The faster players answer each question correctly, the more points they win.

Download Math QuizUp on: