Foreign tongues in the shroud nebula new localizations for Galaxy on Fire – Alliances



As of today, a new update for the popular multiplayer strategy game Galaxy on Fireâ„¢ – Alliances is available for download on the App Store. First and foremost, it contains French and Russian localizations of all in-game texts, thus enabling even more players to explore the game’s vast galaxy in their native language. Including these two newly added translations, the high-quality mobile strategy MMO by Deep Silver FISHLABS is now available in English, German, French and Russian. Additional localizations will follow in the future. At the same time, the company has also released an elaborate gameplay trailer and a new landing page for the acclaimed sci-fi epic. While the trailer, which outlines the story and gameplay of Galaxy on Fire â„¢ – Alliances from an up-and-coming commander’s point of view, can be viewed via, the landing page including an hourly updated star map is accessible via

Besides a number of smaller enhancements in regard to the frontend and backend of the game, today’s update v1.3.0 called “Foreign Tongues” also contains a further optimization of the tutorial as well as the highly anticipated Facebook integration. The latter not only allows the players of Galaxy on Fireâ„¢ – Alliances to easily locate their Facebook friends’ planets on the star map, but also to compare their stats and achievements in a separate Facebook leaderboard. In addition, “Foreign Tongues” also adds two new achievements named “Plunderer” and “Socializer” to the list of acquirable medals.

Furthermore, the new planet register in the commander profile of each player provides a quicker orientation and better overview of where your friends and foes are located. This is particularly helpful when you plan large-scale attacks or extensive reinforcement routes.

Galaxy on Fireâ„¢ – Alliances can be downloaded from the App Store for free via To run properly, the app required iOS 6 (or higher) as well as iPhone 4S (or newer), iPad 2 (or newer), iPad mini or iPod touch 5G.