Forza 3 Limited Edition


Just like everyother game that comes in muti packages (Collector’s Edition and Limited Edition) Forza 3 of course will have a LE but is it worth the $20 extra bucks? check out what you get for another $20 of your hard earn cash.

– a 2GB USB drive and a keychain, both “specially branded” (ie they’ve got the Forza logo on them)

– “Forza Motorsport VIP Membership”, which will “entitle gamers to special treatment at the game’s auction house, community storefront, and on the game’s official forums.”

– 5 cars, “available only through your VIP membership”

– “Exclusive Collector’s Edition Car Pack”, which is five cars that have been “hand tuned and hand painted by the developers at Turn 10”

– A Forza 3 dashboard theme.

If the drive was atleast 4GB it would be awesome or car shaped i’m still up in the air about grabing the LE, are you?