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Free 2 Play: The Future or Death of MMO’s

Star Wars: The Old Republic is the latest victim of the “Free 2 Play” virus that is striking MMO’s to come out since the release of World of Warcraft. As gamers we have grown to dependent on one game being the standard of a genre, a lot of people have been playing WoW for at least six years and are waiting for the so called WoW killer. The truth is there will be no game that kills WoW and people will continue to play it until blizzard decides to turn of the servers.

A lot of people are claiming that f2p is the future of the MMO genre, but truth is no game wants to be free to play. They go f2p because they aren’t meeting their subscription numbers or turning enough of a profit to please their investors. The main reason that I don’t feel that f2p is the future is due to the fact that player numbers and content suffer when a game goes f2p. When a game is f2p there is nothing keeping people to play the game or not be trolls, in order for us to preserve the MMO genre we as gamers must be willing to look at new games with an open mind and not be so quick to hold them up to other games, also we need to realize that a subscription fee is not a bad thing and instead will lead the game to being a better overall experience.