Friday Rant: Arcades Fade to Black

I makes my heart sump that the glory days of friends gathering at the arcade and playing games with each other is now a thing of the past. To find a good arcade that has a great selection of games and decent prices, let alone if it is actually in your area. Living in the San Diego area we have few choices and while they are good for what they are I wish that we had a strong private arcade in our area. While Dave & Busters can be a fun hangout place if you wanna be able to play some games and get some drinks, however you will have to deal with the over load of bro’s and their girlfriends getting in your way. Boomers is overpriced and over ran with kids who’s parents are no where to be found just letting their kids run rampart.

The only real choice we have in San Diego is Nickel City in Carmel Mountain, and while you still have to deal with quite a bit of kids they have a great choice of games and a few that let play against other players such as racing and fighting games. Hopefully one day we will have a strong private arcade, in which we will be able to go and remember the glory days in being a gamer was proudly and publicly celebrated.