Friday Rant… DLC Ripoffs

Scumbag Capcom

Have you ever purchased DLC and then felt like Satan had stolen your soul instead and completely felt ripped off. Capcom has probably one of the worst reputations when it comes to ripping their customers off with DLC. The notorious on disc DLC that they have done time and time again charging customers for something that was already on the disc. Now while this is probably one sure way to piss off your customers it is not the only way.

Day of DLC is another way that certain companies lately have just make me stare at the screen wondering what the heck were they thinking. Mass Effect 3 and Forza Horizon both had pretty good sized DLC packs available on the launch day of the games. Now I get it that once your game is done and enters production stage you now have time to work on planned DLC, but I mean we just spent $60 on your game  don’t make us spend more on your game at least not the first week.

There are a few diamonds in the rough such as Bethesda with the Fallout and Elder Scrolls DLC being an amazing addition to the game. So there is hope out there for us as consumers, and Capcom don’t mess up again.