Friday Rant: Holiday Releases

Why is it that it seems all of the good games only come out around the holiday season, sure there may be a couple of diamonds in the rough throughout the year, but most of the time we are just waiting till November to get a lot of the games that we are looking forward to. It seems like companies make us pick and choose which one we are going to get, just because they want to get our Xmas money. If companies were more willing to stretch out the releases of games through out the year, especially during the summer when game releases are few and far between, the industry as a whole may see an increase in sales.

I am tired of being bored out of my mind during the summer just because I have already beaten the games that came out during Spring so now I have nothing left until Winter. Is it really to much to ask for just at least for a few good Summer releases. So game companies please stop making all the good games come out during the holidays.