Friday Rant: Small Minded Gamers

I am tired of gamers being either to critical of games or elitist claiming that only the first one was good. Don’t get me wrong I do think that our market is flooded with too many games, which does cause a watering down effect making games harder to stand out among the many.  It seems that we have gone away from our roots and gaming has lost its core values. Gaming is more than anything supposed to be about having fun, a good game doesn’t need to have cutting edge graphics or anything over the top. If you enjoy playing the game and have a genuinely good time than it is a good game.

I never ever ever listen to anything critics have to say, I fully believe in giving a game a chance for yourself and then decide if you think it is a good game. Any review that I write will also only say that it is my opinion and that you should ultimately decide for yourselves if it is a good game. If we want to continue to enjoy quality games and play games for the reasons that make them great, having fun, than we need to open our thoughts about what a good game is.