Fruit Ninja Two Year Anniversary *update*

It has been two years since fruit ninja was realeased on the itunes app. since then it has become a smash hit with its casual gamplay mechanic and colorful design, it has been downloaded over a million times counting in on the top ten downloads on the itunes app store and continues to be downloaded.

What this update includes :

New characters: Gutsu and Truffles

These traveling merchants and best friends have set up shop and have new wares you can use in the new Gutsu's Cart Menu

Powerups: There will be three new powerups you will be able to use such as bomb deflects(deflects those tricky bombs), peachy time(adds time to your game), and berry blast(explodes the screen with juice) they can be purchased at Gutsu's Cart Menu. Powerups can be obtained by spending starfruit collected at the end of your game.

This update will be realeased on May 24 which is this thursday

For more information you can look at their website at

Fruit ninja is available on the itunes app store for $0.99 and for the Fruit Ninja HD for the ipad costs $2.99