Future Racer for the iPhone review


The incredibly slick Future Racer is a high speed, anti-gravity racer boasting fully 3D environments and a wide range of fiendish tracks set to test your reflexes to the limit. From complicated toxic sewer networks, winding forests littered with hazards and vast cityscapes, each of the six tracks are bursting with character. Future Racer strikes the perfect balance between delivering high speed thrills and impressive visuals, without compensating style for speed. Integrating full tilt control, the game is easy to pick up and play but difficult to master, with fiendish AI players and the ongoing pressure of racing against the clock. Moving away from combat-based pickups, Future Racer focuses purely on speed and skill, with power-ups including speed boosts and subtracting precious seconds from your finishing time.



-Simple accessible controls utilize the iPhone and iPod Touch tilt functionality.

-Six wildly different tracks and six racing vehicles with differing strengths and weaknesses.

– Compete against fiendish AI players to unlock medals and trophies.

– Compare high scores worldwide with AGON online.

– A collection of beneficial pick-ups to utilize throughout each race.

– Visually stunning full 3D environments.

– A fully licensed soundtrack from Triptik.



Just got done playing Future racer for the iPhone and i have to say its a fun game it has a wipeout feel to it but don’t rely on weapons just speed the graphics aren’t going to blow you away but the fast pace gameplay is. You start the game with 1 ship and 1 level which then of course you use to unlock more ships and levels. The game’s “steering” takings abit to get use to but once you do its a ton of fun take a look at the vid below for a taste of the game.


I would definitively recommend this game its fun, fast pace and its only $.99 right now i give this game a 8 out of 10 we are also giving away a promo code for this game so you know the drill leave a comment below and i’ll pick out a random winner by the end of the week.


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