Galactic Conflict: Coming To an iOS near you!!



I have always been a fan of the RTS genre, involving tactics with action it is like combining the best parts of a shooter with the best parts of a board game. That is why I am looking forward to this new game that is coming out for the iOS platform. The name of the game is called “Galactic Conflict”. I would assume that most of you have already guessed as to the basic story line of the game which goes as follows: Aliens attack earth, now survivors must rebuild and fight back. Not to shabby but the best part of this game is the multi-player mode. Mind you that this game is designed to work on mobile devices such as the ipad 2,4 and the later generation of iphone. But the game boasts the ability to have up to four players in a game with hundreds of units fighting in the game at the same time. With Dozens of units to choose from and over a dozen different planets to fight around this game promises to deliver a game experience that most people aren’t use to on a mobile platform. Oh, and did I mention that depending on how you attack and defend the moral of your units can go up and down. Now i know what you might be thinking right about now that this maybe sounds to good to be true for a mobile device but hear me out. Now a days with how powerful and wide spread devices like the iphone and ipad, for examples, we will only start seeing more games that utilize the full graphics and processing power of these devices. And to drive this point home more the developer is a guy working on this on the side form his normal job. Just like us he has a passion for gaming and the means to make it happen. Lets support these developers that are trying to bring in the new generation of games to us, enjoy the game and as always Happy Gaming.


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