Game Insight reveals first video for Running Shadow

Game Insight, a world leader in mobile/social games, presents the first teaser video for Running Shadow, the next step in running games for iOS and Android devices. Running Shadow is a unique game that combines classic runner gameplay with the depth and lore of an epic fantasy-themed role-playing game, with a highly detailed game world and a full cast of intriguing characters.

The video vividly represents the game’s gothic atmosphere, and offers a first look into the mysterious realm of Adrion. Adrion is a nation of dark dungeons, deadly traps, and vibrant outdoor environments. The teaser video also offers a first look at the gameplay in Running Shadow, including the protagonist’s prowess at doing battle with enemies of the kingdom while escaping pursuers with daring rooftop leaps and other breathtaking feats of parkour-style freerunning.

The game’s official website is now live and offers additional information and assets on the game. Please visit for more info.

Running Shadow will offer distinctive hybrid gameplay, more than 20 interesting characters, gorgeous gothic-style locations, and a deep storyline with unexpected twists and turns. Reveal the secrets of this mysterious world and experience the next chapter in running games in early 2014!