Gameplay > Graphics: Remember the good ol’ days

So I have been playing through Final Fantasy VIII again and just in awe that after all this time I still find that game to be truly amazing and probably was a life changing game for me. The amazing character design, addictive game play, and outstanding story make the game a classic and a must play for all gamers. After finally beating disk 1 early in the morning I decided to look up some let’s play videos to see what was out there and decide whether or not I would work on some or even stream the game. That is when I stumbled upon the comments saying that the graphics were terrible and the game was terrible.

What was happened with our jaded youth of gamers, all they seem to care about is how it looks compared to some other game. A great example of this was during the Medal of Honor beta on xbox the number one asked question in the streams I was watching was how are the graphics compared to Battlefield 3. I think I have died a little on the inside for our future gamers. I want them to know that it doesn’t matter what the graphics are if you can have fun playing the game that’s all that really matters. Trust me give some of the classic games that I grew up playing on NES, SNES, and the other older systems a try, I promise you will have fun… I know I still do.