Gamescom, World’s Biggest Video Game Expo Happening Next Week In Cologne, Germany

Gamescom is about to happen next week as mentioned in Cologne, Germany. As this year E3’S let us a bit down by not showcasing the new consoles that were said to be announced at E3. But that doesn’t mean Gamescom will be the same! e know there are at least three unannounced games due to be revealed, and there’ll be hundreds of games on the show floor. Below are the set times of the conferences that are to be during the week of Gamescom so check it out!

Capcom - At 11am in Germany 10am UK, 1am PT and 7pm for Australia  on the 14th

EA - 4pm CEST on the 14th 3pm UK, 6am PT and 12 midnight in Australia

Sony - 7pm in Cologne that’s 6pm in the UK, 10am PT and 3AM the next day for Australia

Ubisoft- On August 15th, 3pm Germany/2pm UK/5am PT/11pm Australia