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Gamestop Offering Lycanroc To Pokemon Sun and Moon Players This Month

For all you pokemon Sun and Moon players and haven’t heard the news yet, From May 15 – June 5,  selected gamestops from across the U.S. will offer a special code that will unlock a special Lycanroc Midnight Form to the players.  

Here are the specs for Lycanroc:

Level: 50
Equipped: Life Orb
Knows the following moves:
– Stone Edge
– Fire Fang
– Sucker Punch
– Swords Dance
Hidden Ability: No Guard


This event also coincides with the release of the second sun and Moon expansion for the pokemon TCG, Guardian Rising. Which adds 169 new cards and 12 new Pokemon-GX cards. 

If you want to add this special pokemon to your collection to make sure to stop by one of the selected Gamestops from May 15 – june 5 to receive yours!