GAMEVIL publishes Monster collection and battle game, Monster Warlord to App Store


Leading mobile games developer and publisher, GAMEVIL, announced the release of their newest title- Monster Warlord to App Store today. Monster Warlord is developed by EVERPLE and published by GAMEVIL. Monster Warlord is a monster collection and battle game that implements social and strategy elements to create a game that is fun to play and immensely engaging.

Warlord is a game in which users catch and train a variety of monsters while accomplishing quests and battling with other users and bosses. Monster Warlord comprises of a wide variety of monsters from six different classes along with rare and uncommon species. Monsters can also be combined to create stronger and unique creatures with their own special attributes. Users acquire new monsters through either purchases or through the quest system in which monsters will appear on occasion. Monsters can also be combined to create stronger and unique creatures with their own special attributes. Depending on the level and skills the user’s monster has will determine if a catch will succeed or fail. Players are rewarded consistently throughout the game within the traditional quest system, unlocking various accomplishments and battling other users or bosses. Social implementations within the game are found through the Clan system. Each user is given a unique set of numbers called Clan Codes and can be shared to add clansmen to form alliances with other users. By joining clans and increasing one’s alliance numbers, players can place ‘bounties’ on outside members and initiate revenge against this user. Each clansman will be notified of a set bounty and can work together to reap rewards while attacking users. Clans can also summon ‘Boss Battles.’ These battles enable users connected within a Clan to collectively join the battle and attack the summoned Boss. Each user will be rewarded experience and skill points based on their contribution. Featuring crisp graphics and concise texts, Monster Warlord presents itself as a social strategy game with elements of RPG and adventure.

“We are excited to release Monster Warlord to App Store,” stated Kyu Lee- VP and Head of GAMEVIL USA, Inc. “We hope that users will find the social-strategy elements of the game engaging and fulfilling as we continue to release updates and events through our social channels.”