Gaming Gem: ‘Happy Wars’


If you own Xbox Live, chances are, either you or one of your friends has heard of Xbox’s Free-to-Play title, Happy Wars. Now don’t let that title fool you quite yet, Happy Wars is far from any kind of childish game, but rather one that all ages of people can join, and also one that I hope will be played more.

Happy Wars is a MOBA type game, which features 3 different types of classes, Warrior, Cleric, and Mage. Although pretty straightforward, the Warrior is a melee damage/tank, the Cleric is a support/buff/healer, and Mage is offensive buff/ranged. The goal is to get to an enemy base and destroy their monument before they can get to yours, along the way there are hazards, special abilities, spawning towers, and tons of of other elements thrown into the melting pot, and what you get is a whole lot of fun.

So let’s address this first, Happy Wars does have a payment system that allows players to get “Premium” items. That is where the Free2Play concept comes in. You can purchase “Happy Tickets” with Microsoft points, which gives you randomized Premium items, (which are obtainable through normal gameplay, albeit completely up to luck and can take a long time), or Super Premium items. Items make up a loadout, and provide stats that can completely outclass normal items. Although this may be true, Premiums aren’t really the focus of the game. I’ve had tons of fun participating in the holiday and monthly events, which also allow you to obtain themed gear which are on par with premium items, and I find it great that they added a wheel of fate that allows you to get cool new gear, even premiums, without paying.

Overall, Happy Wars is an experience on it’s own, and I HIGHLY recommend you pick it up at the very low price of $0. Happy Gaming!