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Gaurdians Of The Galaxy Gets Rewrite

Phase two has begun for Marvels Films leading to the Avengers 2, but there seems to be a problem with the last film announced at Comic Con 2012 Marvels “Gaurdians Of The Galaxy”, With its released slated for 2014. They announced that screenwriter Chris McCoy is reworking the script. Chris is known to have a comedic sense in his writing to keep the quirkyness of the previous Marvel films.

It will be hard to make a film like this because one reason why the avengers was a success was people were introduced to the characters over time which each character having there own film. This film is trying to put a team together in one film it is going to be tough, people are already saying it will be a failure but hey people thought the avengers wasn’t going to be great and look what happen its amazing almost perfect.

So how do you guys feel about this movie getting a rewrite? Are you guys excited to see this film? I like seeing marvel taking these giant steps with these characters im excited for this film.