Geared Gaming Surfaces Titan aluminum mouse pad Review

Geared Gaming Surfaces has introduced a new line of mouse pad, Titan aluminum mouse pad. Like mostly everyone I’ve been using a cloth pads, after using the Titan mouse pad i can easily say I’m not going back.

The Titan has an amazingly large surface area without it being too large, where it would take up most of your desk and its still small and lite enough to fit in a bag if you want to take it on the go.

When using my mouse on the Titan for the first time it felt as if it was scrapping across the surface, only after placing the mouse feet (pictured above) i saw the potential of the Titan. After placing the feet you then see the difference even from using a cloth pad it is like night and day, it dramatically increased my mouse’s accuracy and performance and flowed across the Titan’s surface ridiculously smooth.

And to avoid any slipping around the Titan is fitted with a non slip grip underneath, i tried a few test to see if i can try to make it shift or slip (of course under normal usage standards) and it just wouldn’t budge. Which is a huge deal to me, I’ve had bad experiences in the past so i was thrilled with the Titan’s performance in my test.

Geared Gaming Surfaces’s Titan aluminum mouse pad is hands down one of the if not the best mouse pad I’ve ever used, it’s light weight, ultra thin, easily cleanable if it get s dirty or you spill something of it. And since it’s made of aluminum you bet its going to last you, which is well worth it’s price. I give the Titan aluminum mouse pad a 10 out of 10, a must buy.


The Titan aluminum mouse pad specs

  • Ultra smooth (anodized aluminum) surface
  • Poly diamond grip on the back
  • 10″x12″ surface area
  • 12 Teflon Mouse feet included
  • 1/8″ thickness
  • Comes in 4 colors: Flat black, Natural Aluminum, Galactic Blue, Crimson Red
  • Price: $32.95