Gears of War Judgment Pre-order Bonus!

OK my fellow Gears of War fans starting today, those who pre-order “Gears of War: Judgment” at participating retailers will receive an exclusive in-game multiplayer weapon at launch, the Classic Hammerburst, along with potential retailer-specific content.

The Classic Hammerburst was the standard-issue assault rifle of the Locust Army during their E-Day onslaught. Highly accurate with a six-round burst, the Classic Hammerburst helped give the Locust a decisive advantage. So if you think about it, it’s what the Gears of War 2 version of the Gorgon Pistol and the Hammerburst we all love put together.

Additional incentives will be available from participating retailers in the coming weeks, including exclusive multiplayer character skins Young Marcus, Young Dom, Anya and Alex Brand.