George Romero writing a zombie book for Marvel?


Marvel has released a teaser image promoting a book coming out in Fall 2013. While it reveals nothing about what the book is ultimately about or even who the creative team will be, it is implied that it will likely be a zombie book. Initial speculation is that it is probably another chapter in the Marvel Zombie series. But there is another rumor that has fans buzzing with anticipation.

Back in October, Twitch conducted an interview with George Romero, universally regarded as the forefather of the modern zombie genre with his Living Dead films. In the interview, Romero mentioned that he was writing a book for Marvel, that it would be a stand-alone story that wouldn’t feature super heroes, and that it would indeed involve zombies. Given that the teaser tag line is “of the Dead,” it’s fair to assume that this might be the book Romero is working on.

At present, there is no confirmation from Marvel or Romero that this is indeed the project mentioned in the interview. Nonetheless, this has not diminished the intrigue of Romero writing a zombie book for Marvel. Furthermore, one other rumor suggests that perhaps it might be illustrated by Tony Moore, co-creator of The Walking Dead. Moore is set to finish drawing Deadpool regularly, or at least take a leave of absence, following the sixth issue next month. The prospect of Romero and Moore possibly working together is one that would certainly have fans salivating.

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