Get Exclusive Grand Turismo Cars

gt(2008 Citroen GTbyCitroen)

For those awaiting the arrival of Polyphony’s Grand Turismo for the PSP can now get there hands on five exclusive rides. That you can show of to your friends as they eat your dust. But there’s a catch you can only choose one out of the five cars.The five preorder vehicles might already be in the game, but preordering means that you don’t have to pay to unlock them, and you also score them in preorder-exclusive colors.
bugatti(The 2009 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 sports over 1000 horsepower)
enzo (2002 Enzo Ferrari, It cranks out 660 horsepower at 7,800 RPM)
gtr(The Myth The Legend Nissan 2009 GT-R)
lambo (The 1974 Lamborghini Countach LP400 is the first Lamborghini ever to appear in Gran Turismo)