Ghost War PvP Beta | Full Version Release Date

Ghost Recon: Wildlands | Ghost War PvP is the most tactical team based, intense game I have ever played. The 4v4 multiplayer communication between players has never been so prudent to gain the upper hand and win at the same time. There are multiple ways to complete a callout, but the most effective way is to have a mic handy.

The devices from the drones, binoculars, ADS  to mark the other team players is not over powering function meaning the marker doesn’t last that long plus you can quickly become unmarked if you run to another cover or even by shooting down the drone. Overall, the multiplayer is well balanced and never offers a more suitable win for either team.

I can honestly say I will be playing Ghost War on Oct 10, 2017 a lot more than Call of Duty or any other shooter in the genre. If Ghost War dives into Esports I would never leave the game.