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Ghostbusters: The Mobile Game

Glu Mobile Inc today announced the launch of Ghostbusters: The Mobile Game for European mobile handsets. Drawing on the enduring popularity of the two Ghostbusters films and their cartoon spin-offs, Ghostbusters: The Mobile Game features the team we know and love capturing ghosts across New York City.

The first Ghostbusters movie, released in 1984, broke box office records and a second, Ghostbusters II, was released in 1989, as well as two animated TV series: The Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters.

“Despite it being a quarter of a century since the original movie release, Ghostbusters remains a solid favourite across the globe, with regular airings in over 40 countries” said James Scalpello, EMEA marketing director, Glu.

“This makes us proud to be bringing the fun and action of Ghostbusters to mobile platforms in a frantic, quick-play form that’s accessible to all. We’ve included caricatured versions of the iconic Ghostbusters team and a host of spirits to bust, including Slimer, the most famous Ghostbusters ghost of all.”
Ghostbusters: The Mobile Game has been designed for both hardcore and casual gamers. Supporting effortless one-button game control, and 50 challenging levels set in five locations across New York City, it is the most concise and accessible Ghostbusters game for mobile so far.

Features Include:

  • The authentic Ghostbusters universe: official characters, outrageous gadgets, funny ghosts and famous locations from the two movies
  • Casual gaming at its best! Unique & easy one-button gameplay for instant fun
  • All five NYC boroughs and 10 hidden collectable Ghosts Cards to unlock
  • 50 challenging levels with three game modes: Adventure, Time Attack and Extreme
  • Interactive objects & environments: monsters and slime drops to avoid, pedestrians and more

Ghostbusters: The Mobile Game is available from today.