Ghostbusters: The Video Game PC Version Has No Multiplayer


Dan Irish CEO of multiplayer developer Threewave has explained Why multiplayer did not make it to the pc version of Ghostbusters . Dan Irish explained to Big Download “Multiplayer for the PC version of Ghostbusters is something that Threewave and [single-player developer] Terminal Reality always wanted to do,When we looked at the resources necessary to pull off multiplayer on the consoles and the PC, it became a question of what could we do and still be excellent in our execution,” Irish added. “Our focus was on making the console version the best that they could be.”

the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Versions of Ghostbusters, have online multiplayer, the PC version of Ghostbusters: The Video Game is half the price. A diffrent developer Red Fly, did the PlayStation 2 and the Wii and Nintendo DS.