Gladiator Begins comes to psp this may


Zen United and PQube are pleased to announce that Gladiator Begins, a visceral arena fighter from Japanese developers Acquire,  will be available on PSP (PlayStationPortable) in May 2011.

Developed by the same studio responsible for the Tenchu and Way of the Samurai series, Gladiator Begins combines the bloody, brain-smashing violence of Gladiatorial combat with deep customisation options – where your choices outside battle greatly affect your chances of victory in the arena.

Gladiator Begins will deliver;

• Ultra-violent Gladiatorial combat – but with a deep underbelly of RPG
elements and customisation.

• Take your Gladiator from humble slave to skilled Gladiator by battling for gold and
skill points to develop your character’s abilities.

• Choose your own fighting style and exploit an innovative fighting system that
allows you to target individual body or armour parts and disarm opponents.

• As your fame rises, different characters open up different story paths for an engrossing story with added replayability.

Players will also be able to enhance their experience with FREE Downloadable Content, via Playstation Network – including new weapons, armour and characters.

Gladiator Begins will be available in the UK and Europe in May 2011

For more details on Gladiator Begins, including the trailer, please visit;

For further inquiries contact Geraint Evans, Marketing Manager, Zen United

About Zen United
Zen United is a Production Company and consortium of Japanese and Asian game developers targeting European Markets. Zen United provide international business development and ‘culturisation’ (localisation + naturalisation) services.

About PQube
PQube is a publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment products.  Based in the UK and Germany ,  PQube has direct relationships with key UK retailers and with local partners across Europe.  Publishing and distributing on all key platforms, PQube is a licensed publisher of Sony and Nintendo and offers a range of traditional, digital and direct-to-consumer delivery platforms.   PQube has an established team of industry professionals with a passion for the interactive entertainment business, an innovative approach to marketing and sales and a track record of success in building key franchises for its publisher and developer partners.

About Acquire Corp.
Acquire Corp. is a Japanese games developer based in Tokyo. Acquire are most renowned for their best selling Ninja and Samurai combat and adventure games, Tenchu and Way of the Samurai.